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Наконец ЗАСНЯЛ ПРИЗРАКА в САМОЙ СТРАШНОЙ УСАДЬБЕ (Барышникова) Ghost shot in Baryshnikov's estate

Наконец ЗАСНЯЛ ПРИЗРАКА в САМОЙ СТРАШНОЙ УСАДЬБЕ (Барышникова) Ghost shot in Baryshnikov’s estate
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  1. Coucou tim, les fantômes sont comme nous et n'ont pas toujours envie de communiquer!Pourquoi n'utilises tu pas des pods dans ce genre d'endroit?au moins si une entité passe devant tu l'entendrais par le signal!Lorsque tu vas dans ce genre d'endroit pourrais tu nous dire à quoi servait il?j'aime connaitre leur histoire!!😊

  2. В России столько прекрасных мест заброшено, столько дворцов гниёт и разрушается. Жалко, что у наших руководителей ценятся только деньги и то, что рентабельно, богатым тоже это всё не нужно, а простым людям восстановить такое наследие не под силу, да и кто даст? Начнёшь делать ремонт – набегут со штрафами, для них лучше пусть сгниёт, это по закону.
    Грустно и обидно. До слёз.

  3. You are very brave, does anything ever attach itself to you.Follow you home? I hope you have a lot of protection. Do you have someone that helps you, go along with you? It is very creepy in there. Glad I am sitting on the couch in my livingroom. You could get lost in there. The spirits that haven't transitioned that are evil are probably hiding in there. They are evil so they have nowhere else to go. Be careful. I think you are communicating with a dimension that consists of evil beings.Don't go in the basement. There are no good souls in there. When I pass I am not hanging around in this dimension. Hard to believe this place was once alive with the living. The building once beautiful. Its ashame it ended in this state. These other comments are from so long ago.

  4. Wow such a beautiful looking building with all its wonderful architecture and superb sculpture works on the ceilings and walls. The problem is with what cannot be seen unfortunately! I would love to have something like this to restore back to its original glory, but not with whatevers haunting the place…… Seems something or one has taken over the building since the human inhabitants left it? Any idea how long it's has been unoccupied now Tim???

  5. Tim that's not a ghost I know you're a great paranormal investigator but everything you are experiencing are all Demonic entities and Evil spirits so keep your guard up because they are getting stronger and it's really going to get dangerous

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