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Dark Ghost Paranormal and Tim Morosov are Fictional Ghost Channels CONFIRMED – A Debunking Follow Up

Some news has come to light about something i was trying to find out about Dark Ghost Paranormal and Tim Morosov…..bloody hell lol
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For those who still think the disclaimer is for youtube laws. Please watch 🙂 –

Original Dark Ghost Paranormal Debunk –

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  1. Tim Morozov and Dennis from Dark Ghost paranormal had a channel together called Nerv Paranormal. They stopped working on that together and created their own channels. I assume they stil work together, just helping one another when creating videos for own channels. Thank you for “debunking” the disclaimer part of their videos, never thought about translating that.
    Now up to the other “investigators”
    Just managed to watch few minutes of Rolandwithme and his “Poltergeist moving everything”… 11:57 there is clearly a string, as the boxing “thing” moves only one way , it’s being pulled from behind that wooden thing and in one moment the string get’s ripped, so when he shows that there is no string, only a stitch, its already ripped.. that piece of stitch could have been part of the string… And the next one was FrankoTv who I thought is a most humble and kind person… in his newest Ghost town video at 21:42 people claim that to be a shadow figure. I am 100% sure it’s his friend hiding behind him as he films… I just can’t 🤦🏼‍♀️ Maybe you can look into these to in some of your next videos ☝🏻

  2. I dont know what's so funny for you!!! Do you know anything about Russia?? Then you know that some people there are in danger get hunting by others… Like paranormal investigators they are getting beaten there and more horrible things. That's why they have the text on their videos to be on the safe side!! Your laughing at them is ridiculous… Inform yourself better before blaming good guys and laughing so ridiculously on them… Makes me angry

  3. you dont know for sure nor have provided any evidence that their investigations are fake in any way. I'd like to see you try going to abandoned places, driving 200 miles to a location in the middle of no where. I bet you will run out crying like a baby if a door opened and slammed shut on its own in any place where possible rituals took place. You would cry if you saw a shadow fly by and run out and go back home to your safe desk behind your safe computer. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing but at least provide proof or evidence that what they captured on cam is indeed fake. Does not seem fake to me after seeing what I seen in his videos caught on thermal image cams. Bet you would cry if you saw some of those in your very own home behind your desk.

  4. "It says at the beginning of the videos -translated into English …that it is Fictional but I didn't know if that was a bad English Translation for the Disclaimer However I have watched Dark Ghost and saw a ghost apparition that moved across the screen the same way ech time and thought that looks fake Then I watched a recent video of Tim Morozov and he had a similar thing where the ghost just glides and floats but doesn't have any movement of it's own and it flickered like a strobe light Add that to the other times -more than once he gets lifted up off the ground by a demon but you can't see all of his body …and why does it happen only to him Then there is the episode where he is dragged into the water by a creature ghost that you see come out of the water he is nearly drowned and wakes up on the bank with the camera still going And the Ouija board that lots of times moves by itself -the same way …too many things that don't add up"

  5. If Tim’s a fake why would he have driven 1000 miles to a village to do a video but you know what it’s Aton of fun to watch

  6. He has to say it’s that because you cannot say yes these are real ghosts because you can’t say it per YouTube rules. Nerv paranormal is fake not Tim’s it’s a disclaimer you can’t absolutely say it’s real I’ll admit I’ve watched hundreds of hours with Tim and some stuff is a crock but some stuff is real

  7. The first one his videos I seen was the accordion 🪗 that was freaky as f^*k!
    But as time went on I began to realise that every place he went to he was apparently catching insane paranormal activity that’s rarely seen on camera.
    And the more time went on I realised he was fake! And it’s all a set up which I was suspicious of anyway so I no longer watch his videos.
    I love mind seed tv 💯✔️😊

  8. I figured it out earlier, because to many coincidences, the ghost box, he uses, may even be some kind of Cb system. He pushes a button and the party on the other side answers according to what he wants said.

  9. Another aspect of their videos, I love the old village architecture! Regardless of the location the old buildings are in fairly decent shape and many of the furnishings don't appear to have too terribly damaged by prolonged exposure. It would be fun to explore many of those locations which I believe are in the Western Russian Federation.

  10. If paranormal entities are real then they must manifest energy. Ergo, it should be a question of time before a device is developed that captures an image of the "unseen." Rather it be a slight shift in the light spectrum or the vibrational frequency, we can measure almost anything.

  11. I watched a few episodes of tim morozov ,and i thought it seemed very fake,especially after watching forman brothers there the real deal

  12. I used to leave comments on those top 5 channels trying to tell them that the description says it's fiction but I never got a reply so I quit trying to explain it to them. Also, whenever I have free time, I have been going back through your catalog of videos and watching. I love the channel, keep doing what you're doing. It's brilliant.

  13. 🤣 🤣 I just came across "Dark Ghost Paranormal" last week. After watching 3 of his videos, I knew they were fictional!! 🤣 The third one I watched even had it written in English at the last of the disclaimer.. (after I had already asked for the translation in the second video). 🤷🏼‍♀️🤭
    He's one heck of an editor!! ✍ 🎥 I just chanced across yours last night. I got such a great laugh!!🤣😂 Needless to say, I will find your debunk video and watch it. Since you "wasted" so much time on it, it shouldn't go to waste!! 😉 🚮 👍

  14. Thanks for the debunking. Knew it was fake. He's says (tim) he works alone but on some videos who flying the drone filming him walking to these sights? Like to know that one maybe they still working together. Thanks anyway 👍

  15. Aunque sea ficción o real, siempre los veré, porque despiertan en mí el interés, también son chicos, que van a lugares abandonados, que muchos no iríamos, incluyéndome yo, se arriesgan sus vidas, soportan frío, nieve, gua fría como el caso de TIM MOROZOV, que cayó al río a tantas horas de la noche, ha estado sin calefacción, siempre mi apoyo a estos canales PARANORMALES, SON ENTRETENIDOS, saludos a todos. ❤️♥️❤️♥️💞🙏👍😘😘😉

  16. Sorry, you’re not as smart as you think. The text in the beginning of the videos MUST say it’s fictional because of the Russian law. All Russian ghost hunters have that text in advance. So no, they are not debunked. The videos are real. Go out and do your own videos and see what happens .. instead of sitting in front of your monitor calling other people’s work fake …

  17. Man, I been watching Tim and Dark Ghost for over a year now and if it is fake, they did a pretty damm good job faking it. I mean look at the way they react and getting spooked, if they did fake it, they're pretty damm good actors as well. If they're fake, they should be working in Hollywood movies right now with their special effects skills instead of doing this personally. My instinct while watching their videos is that it can't be fake. But I also agreed that some of things that happened in some of their videos are too good to be true. Like the constant activities going on…and the fake red casket out of no where are some of the things where they just don't seem right. But since I don't speak Russian, I have no way to verify the videos. My current thought is may be half fake and half not.

  18. So your saying than when he fall from roof it was fake. It didn’t look fake to me. Know I believe that dark ghost and Tim M its real 🤔

  19. I'm not, I get such anxiety from him, but I was just checking out someone reacting to him, and I was thinking, there was a slight of hand product placement, and every house looks the same,, but that makes it more fun to watch it's clever and not horrific 😃😃👍, I'm subbing to you, I like you 😃🕊✌.

    It is against the law to practice ANYTHING OCCULT in Russia. There paranormal investigations are in fact real! The disclaimer in the beginning of the videos is to SAVE THEIR ASSES LEGALLY. What they are doing is considered occult practice ( Ouija board and other methods) It is a fact they can get into trouble lawfully if they claim what they are doing is genuine and not fictional. This is why debunkers CANNOT actually debunk the shit they've recorded. Your only statement to referencing their evidence as fiction is the disclaimer in the beginning. But to protect their ass in Russia they HAD TO. Especially being on an open platform such as YouTube. They're real. They find real paranormal activity. Sorry for the caps but I had to let the people know

  21. I love both their channels.
    Ok, so they are fictional.
    These guys are brilliant. They definitely capture the attention of their audience. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!;
    Grandma 🍃🌼🍃

  22. Ok ppl I know if you watch the beginning of both Tim & Dark you see entertainment purposes come on now..Tim tells one hell of a story an plays the part convincingly 😂😂

  23. I believed they were fake and staged. In Tim's most recent vids he is in a lake looking for a skull and while he is in the lake, a head like object with hair surfaces and then descends a few times. Looked like something out of the Ring movies. At that moment, I knew this had to be fake to a degree. Seemed to "good" for a paranormal video. On the other hand, some of the things that do happen to them are odd. Like a room in a house or the entire house shaking, that is interesting. All in all, it is entertaining to watch, but shouldn't be taken at face value

  24. I think Dark Ghost and Tim are legitimate.. things have happened that I don’t see how they would’ve done themselves.. especially making half of a house almost fall on top of your head..

  25. They both have videos that have the disclaimer in English. It took me a while to see it, because the disclaimer is super fast. I was disappointed too, but footage that crazy had to be fictional. From a creative perspective they both do a fantastic job. Now, Ricky Velasquez is a ghost hunter how explained to me that his footage is also fake. Along with the majority of the Hispanic ghost videos. Moral of the story if it looks too good to be true it probably is lol

  26. Ghost demons lost spirits are real whether you think all these videos of all the footage is fake. Well I know for many facts they are here. Maybe not in dark ghost. But goodbye. Hahaha I'd love for you to experience
    real encounters. On one of my meetings. I dint do videos. Guess you'd have to see it to believe it. We are in control. Say I command and in Jesus name and you can protect yourself and clear them out.

  27. I like their videos. Mostly Tim. I'm wondering why you feel so obligated to give opinion. Well.yiu are making money too. Im done here. Tim is awesome. The dark ghost is not as good. I've never seen that. His videos are translated. Plus your phone has a don't watch it. The Sasquatch video he proved was fake. I m not a fool and there is some things that are what they are. We will.agrew to disagree. Ya your so smart. You're a fool thinking that the paranormal is fake. Haha

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