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Can't LIE To A Ghost Tim Morozov

Another fab video of Tim Morozov and his scary Ghost Hunts, I have been reliably informed he is a Film Producer meaning these are all fake! but still, very entertaining, let me know what you think Jacksx

Here’s a great playlist of many more like this:

Tim Morozov review of his video: Ghost in the Paranormal Apartment
Link here:

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  1. I have been following TIM and Dennis for years, they don't make fake videos, in fact many times they risked their lives for a few more likes but they have a lot of passion in what they do. Views, subscribers and users, as far as I know are two serious people.

  2. I'm starting to become alienated with the guy. He performs ceremonies and calls spirits.. Pentacles and many more. And spirits don't exist in the places he goes and calls them.

  3. تحرکات ماورا الطبیعه، بسیار سخت قابل رویت هستند ، آنها را مانند فیلم ترسناک نگاه کنید و سرگرم شوید .

  4. hello gentlemen
    Who doesn't believe Tim's adventures Maybe you should go to the same place and check for yourself Whether with Tim or alone


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