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Dear Fake Ghost Hunters…..Stop Whining||Featuring @TimMorozov

Tim Morozov’s Channel!!-
Opinions and Statements made in this video are mine and mine alone.
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  1. Great video Crow. If you hadnt realised, we had a bit of a difference on opinion on a Facebook post the other week where i had made mistakes about your channel, but you were super respectful and, whilst there may be some differences of opinion on certain subjects, i really, really like your content. Your last video about psychics was fun to watch too, and i agreed with 100% of the points you made. Massive respect to you for this video!! It makes perfect sense to put the disclaimer at the start of the video, because it gives you license to just say "what the hell, lets go for it!!" And as you say, we pay to go and see horror movies, we know they are fake, but we still enjoy them!!

  2. I wouldn't mind watching a ghost video for jump scares, I just want a disclaimer on it. I've stated this before. Tysvm Crow 🖤👍🏻🖤

  3. Debunkers like u are doing a great job, your not toxic, you just want the truth , and fed up with the fakers making a mokery of the real paranormal

  4. I think first and foremost its their bank balance, then its their ego. However, they are making real fools out of themselves by faking stuff and con artists by taking money off people, so in regards to their ego do they have much of one? They must know they are the lowest of the low. Smh

  5. As always, another great video! You give 100% to us and your content. I love all the debunkers but I can never decide who is my favorite. I am foing over and subscribe to Tom's channel now.

  6. Bro, You aint lyin about Hot Dogs with mayo tho.
    Good video! I hate how people show up with that comment about "So what if its fake!" I feel like those people are just as bad as the hoaxers. They dont care about the paranormal field being taken seriously. All they care about is how long they stick their face onto a screen.

  7. Been meaning to check you out for a while, Brother. I know of you through David Cyr and I hear Beardo talking about you too.
    Imma check your channel and hang around if you dont mind.

  8. I think the fakers fall into 2 camps, 1 is they start off with good intentions but realise that demons and skinwalkers in the thumb nails is what rolls in the views.
    2 they just want to be YT famous and the paranormal makes the ££
    BUT do not hate debunkers because you got caught, own it.

  9. This is outstanding! I hope the fakers take this to heart or at least think about it when they are having trouble getting the masking just right or the pull wire breaks for the umpteenth time. I had heard about Morosov, that his stuff was entertainment only, and didn't have much interest in watching. But after watching your video I went over to see what you were talking about. WOW! Morosov's videos had me jumping at the jump scares, had the adrenalin running in the scary parts and so forth. Thanks for putting me onto Morosov. Keep doing these great videos!

  10. I think some of these channels want the fame and money, and maybe they just don't care how they get it. Maybe they can't understand why some people have a problem with it. I totally agree, the word toxic gets thrown around so much now, just like the word bully. If someone having a differing opinion to you makes them toxic, then maybe work on why you struggle with that. Life is full of differing opinions, and as long as you communicate your opinion in a decent way and are open to discussion and debate, then that isn't toxic.
    This was a great video that hopefully gets people thinking. 🩵

  11. I agree with you, good sir. I'm an open minded skeptic who wants ghosts to be real. But I need proof. I enjoy watching my "ghost shows", but I become very annoyed by clickbait thumbnails and the melodramatic reactions of people who somehow manage to get "evidence" at every single location they go to. It's not realistic.

    I enjoy the creators who don't find anything or who debunk along the way more.

    Yes- add a damn disclaimer if things are fake and for entertainment. That's fine! This Russian dude seems cool! I'm gonna go check him out.

    People who claim they won't get views if nothing happens are mistaken. They'd get views and respect. Respect being the most important thing. Like @dawsontoller. He doesn't fake things and tries to debunk as he goes. And he became friends with SEG because of it. Mad respect for Dawson and people like him. They will go far while the fake people lose credibility.

    Edit for typo

  12. Nice vid mate nuff respect mate E-TRON! yes i totally agree with you n we all make mistake's and we admit it and learn and move on and be respectful about it keep up the amazing work fella

  13. Awesome video! And yeah, the fake channels are blatant, but ppl still buy into it. And that's hard for my logical mind to understand.

  14. 💖🥰🌭 Well said my friend!!! Truth is truth! This has been the best community I’ve ever been a part of and love it!!! Keep telling it like it is!!! ❤

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